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Rainwater Collection

城市雨水收集处理.jpgChina is a nation with relatively poor water resources, a fact exacerbated by uneven distribution. The challenges posed by inability to control available natural resources and demand which culminates in cycles of either flood or drought means that greater attention must be made with harvesting and storing rainfall so that it may be utilised when needed. The total quantity of water resources in China is approximately 2,800 billion m3 or sixth in the world. However with only about 2,300 m3 per capita, which is about a quarter of the global average, has resulted in the increasingly imperative need to conserve and recycle rainwater.

The business challenge is to effectively replenish natural groundwater whilst raising the quality through filtration technology from rainwater. This will alleviate decline in both the water table level and the pollution that contaminates too large a percentage of China’s natural groundwater. The intention is to also improve the flood control of the city and the ability for the drainage network to handle heavy downpours. Lawns, gardens, parks and the roofs of buildings may be effectively used to gather and utilise water. Purified rainwater may also be used in a number of daily activities, including washing, irrigation, dust suppression, industrial water, fire fighting and maintaining the urban green areas. Using natural city depressions, water may be collected to replenish lakes, streams, rivers and wetlands. A wise water balance system will increase the humidity of the air, helping to purify the air, as well as reducing the heat island effect and improving the overall urban environment.