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Public utilities that are open to the market where private companies may invest in the construction and operation of public municipal construction that ultimately after an agreed period of time is transferred to the government.
Jv model is a cooperation between two entities, e.g. Hoyo and local Government constructing urban infrastructure together, maximizing each others strengths and achieving a win-win solution.
CTM model is used by the Hoyo Group for sewage disposal systems with the intention of reducing emissions in equipment renovation, facility expansion, recycling, upgrading and general operating and maintenance. These Carbon credits may then be used on the
A joint technology and production cooperation with both risk and profit sharing.
Energy Management Controller. The costs of the project are covered over a period of time by the savings made from the reduced energy usage.

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Introduction Nanjing Hoyo Municipal Utilities Investment Administration Group specializes in low-carbon, sustainable, intelligent construction and operation of municipal infrastructure. This includes the planning, design, financing, construction, operation......