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Project Operation

Jv model is a cooperation between two entities, e.g. Hoyo and local Government constructing urban infrastructure together, maximizing each others strengths and achieving a win-win solution.

Project Implementation:

  In an urban infrastructure construction project, Hoyo can establish a public-private partnership with the government and a third party with whom the project will be operated jointly, whilst Hoyo guarantees the project implementation according to the contract rights and obligations.

Cooperation Model:

  There are several ways to achieve this model:

  For a new infrastructure project, we can invest in it together with the government.

  For completed projects, we can participate in cooperation by means of a share purchase.

Operating Period:

  The operating period of this mode depends on the agreement between cooperation parties.


  The government is removed from direct work, becoming the regulators instead of the participators.

  Private capital participation in municipal construction reduces the financial burden and improves the efficiency;

  service optimization whilst reducing costs and improving the project management level.


  The government and the enterprise jointly own the urban infrastructure;

  The government and the enterprise share the social responsibility and duties;

  The government and the enterprise concerned shall be responsible for the operation and maintenance work of the project;

Applicable Project:

  Energy Management Controller. The costs of the project are covered over a period of time by the savings made from the reduced energy usage.