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Project Operation

Public utilities that are open to the market where private companies may invest in the construction and operation of public municipal construction that ultimately after an agreed period of time is transferred to the government.

Brief Introduction

  This model is one of the dominant models employed by the Hoyo Group participating in the public sector, through financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the infrastructure. Through cooperation with the government we have gathered significant experience in the field of municipal utilities.

  At present the Hoyo Group has successfully run the BOT model in fields including telecommunication cable network, the intelligent common ducting system and sewage treatment plants.

Contract Performance

  The Hoyo Groups obligations concerning the contract include the investment and financing of projects, operating according to recognized technical specifications and shall assume the planning, construction, operation and all required maintenance. The government shall be responsible for all policy making, coordination, supervision and payment of all monies due.

Operating Period

  The usual operating period of this mode is 20 to 30 years. The Hoyo Group shall be responsible for all operations during this time and the government shall honour their obligations until the expiration of the contract period.