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Our Business

International Trade

In cooperation with the local company:

Seek and exploit overseas market for domestic products.

To assist domestic companies to introduce advanced technology and equipment.


In the cooperation with overseas company:

◆Seek and purchase products that meet the international standards.

◆Seek and choose suitable cooperation partners, agents and distributors in China.

To seek or purchase Chinese enterprises that can produce, assemble or accept authorized branding in order 
   for foreign companies to reduce cost.

Otago Polytechnic is a national public tertiary institution wholly owned by the New Zealand Government. Established in 1870, the main campus is located in Dunedin in the spectacular South Island, with satellite campuses in Central Otago and Auckland. The institution has in excess of 700 teachers and professors and hosts more than 7,000 students with at least 250 International Students attending every year.

Features of Otago Polytechnic:

Combining theory with practice with the focus on hands-on practical projects and technical problem solving rather than straightforward rote learning.

Ensuring student to teacher ratios are no more than 20 to 1 respectively, which enables improved communication and an enhanced learning experience.

To maintain the latest high quality facilities with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the students will be familiar with the equipment they would normally expect to find in the modern workplace.

The employment rate of Otago Polytechnic Graduates is greater than 93%.

The rate of course completion is consistently the highest in New Zealand.

Otago Polytechnic Courses combine theory with practice, ensuring that graduates are fully prepared to integrate into the modern workplace which has rightfully earned them the reputation of being the leading Polytechnic in New Zealand. Employers recognize the quality of the graduates that are invariably well prepared, knowledgeable, independent, creative and capable of seamlessly adapting to the professional work environment. The Hoyo International Trading Department has officially been granted permission to act as the agent for the Otago Polytechnic in China. This means that we are in the position to send qualified students to study in New Zealand and undertake to arrange all aspects of the process including obtaining the visa, arranging accommodation, etc. on behalf of the students. The aim of Hoyo is to open the door to students that are eager to develop their careers abroad in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, New Zealand.