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Rediscover yourself, Remodel yourself

Time:2019:01:25 12:37:15 Copyfrom:Local

Rediscover yourself, Remodel yourself

Hoyo group 2018 annual work summary meeting

From January 16th to 19th , 2019, the Hoyo development event opened a new chapter with the 2018 annual work summary conference of Nanjing Hoyo Municipal Group with the theme of ‘rediscover yourself and remodel yourself.’

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Victor Lv, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the group, presided over the working conference. The group management and representatives of all the departments and branches attended the meeting. The work conference summarized and discussed the major work of each department of the group in 2018, commended the successful and reflected on the deficiencies. The meeting focused on cohesion, discussion, deployment and implementation of the group in 2019.

The unique corporate culture of Hoyo is the source of sustainable and leapfrog development. The chairman first shared and interpreted the corporate culture stories of Hoyo employees with the participants in the form of interactive questions and answers, and once again emphasized consistent employment principles, business policies, business philosophy, management strategies, business principles, business models and other core elements of the enterprise development.

The chairman pointed out that the three main factors of Hoyo's growth and success are ‘introspection, vision and platform’ and the relationship between the group and employees is essentially the relationship between the platform and the individuals. The focus of Hoyo's current business development is to deepen the reform of municipal infrastructure and operation such as sewage treatment, standardize the operation of production enterprises, and always adhere to the established, proven guidelines. This annual work meeting is efficient, inspirational and deeply meaningful. The profound speech by the Chairman establishes the direction for the Hoyo people's work in the coming year.

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