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Hoyo Group celebrate 15th Anniversary Party

Time:2017:01:22 14:10:27 Copyfrom:Local

On the 12th of January, 2017, Nanjing Hoyo Group held their 15th Anniversary Celebrations with the topic ‘Platform Construction and Win-Win Cooperation’. 

Mr. Victor Lv, Board Chairman, delivered a speech that mentioned that the Hoyo Group would keep focused on urban infrastructure as well as other main business fields, cooperating with our partners to achieve a win-win situation.

Government Officials from Jiangsu, Liaoning and Shanxi Provinces as well as domestic and International cooperation partners were in attendance, making up more than 130 guests who enjoyed the celebrations. Representatives of companies from Italy, Switzerland, Australia, The Netherlands, New Zealand and the United States were in attendance, as well as the Nanjing Gangzhonglv E-Commerce Co. Ltd; Hong Kong Jiaming TV & Film Group and the TVS Design Group. Many representatives from these companies addressed the audience, congratulating Hoyo on their achievements and expressing the wishes of continued success and prosperity.





      The Hoyo Group insists on using low carbon, sustainable solutions as the operation theory and focuses on urban infrastructure .The fundamental concept of Hoyo was to take a holistic approach to urban planning, taking into consideration the market economy. This consists of the integration of pre-construction planning, the construction phase, management, scientific investment and endeavoring to avoid construction waste brought together into a sustainable operational repertoire. China’s first ‘Intelligent Common Ducting System’ was created by Hoyo in Jiamusi, which provided the solution for continuous interruptions as companies individually conducted maintenance on their own utility systems, the ‘zipper road’ effect.

Now the Hoyo group has become a diversified company with six main business arenas that are: Pipeline Construction, Urban Infrastructure, Low Carbon Alliance, General Aviation, Agricultural Machinery and International Trade.