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Communication Arteries

Hoyo provides communication, power and other service solutions for enterprises, colleges and universities, telecommunication companies, hospitals and all other forms of industries through providing a wide web of arterial conduits.

In the past 20 years, HOYO has undertaken many communication engineering projects, which includes the west line of the news transmission cable for the StateAdministration of Radio, Film and Television; the Beijing-Qinhuangdao Highway Cable; the Hefei-Xuzhou and Hefei-Nanging pipeline cable system; the China Network Communication Company; railway communications company; mobile communications companies; joint communications for long-distance optical cable construction as well as many other national and regional communication solutions. HOYO has developed a pan-China fibre arterial network that is greater than 40,000 kilometres.

In fact, with today’s global integration, there are many forms of cooperation. We are focused on system integration and the sharing of resources for the benefit of all parties concerned and society as a whole. Therefore, we welcome any form of cooperation, such as: 
◆Asset replacement  ◆Asset transfer  ◆The whole network sales  ◆Single span purchase  ◆Leasing 

Whatever form of cooperation you select, our technical solutions and engineering team will be able to design a system to meet your needs. At the same time we are flexible with our management systems and willing to work with you to design the most desirable and feasible system of cooperation. 

Projects will be based on set criteria, for instance, function, reliability, scalability – allowing for future expansion, protection, etc. In accordance with the aforementioned the HOYO core team will provide these solutions and services:survey and design the communication engineering; construct the fibre optic cable pipeline; supervise the communication engineering; maintain and troubleshoot all pipelines; ensure all city connections; install and test the installation and migrate all communication lines. 

The Hoyo Telecommunication Network has formulated a complete solution for urban underground communication network system according to the municipal urban construction and development planning. In line with the urban construction planning and process, Hoyo Telecommunication Cable Network System recommends burying beforehand sufficient telecommunication capacity for the projected demands for at least the next 15 years.

In line with the demand mentioned above, the telecommunication cable network has been developed with the following unique design features.
The civil work of the conduit has been encapsulated with reinforced concrete, which means the investment is made once and has a long term benefit.
The Cable Network System is maintained by professional operators to ensure operational integrity.
The Cable Network has been designed to carry sufficient capacity to satisfy future demand. This provides protection for the environment by avoiding constant construction disruption through ‘Road Zipper Phenomenon.’
The Cable Network has been designed utilizing holistic planning, construction, management and investment to reduce the cost of installation and maintenance to the greatest extent. This avoids the weakness of the current outdated construction mode and effectively eliminates the associated costs
The system provides a financial solution that is a radical change from the old system where the Government assumed the total cost to a new system where investment may be combined through a combination of private, alternative public or Government investment. This pattern can hasten the urbanization process by removing some of the pressure of the financial burden from the Government.
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